Global Environment

Over the  last few weeks we have been looking a Global Environmental Issues.

These were the Top 10 our class came up with.

  1. Global  Warming
  2. Coral Bleaching
  3. Land – Rubbish Pollution
  4. Water Pollution
  5. Animal Species Extinction
  6. Deforestation
  7. Over – farming
  8. Over population
  9. Air pollution – cars, and planes 
  10. Plant species endangered

Pope Francis has recently spoken  about our responsibilities toward s our planet reminding us about our role  as:

 Stewards Of  All Creation 



Over the last term and again in this one our students have had the opportunity to work coding or programming Ozo-bots to follow a course and travel in set directions. Not only has it been challenging but also great fun.

Recently we had Mandy  – from A.C.U – in our class to assist the children program their Bee – Bots. They were to travel in a set course with a pin attached to the front of their black and yellow robots in order to burst a balloon which they had taped to a piece of paper.






And yes we had a few balloons pop-off!

It was a real collaborative effort and one which was enjoyed and valued by all.

We also placed the bee – bots on courses where the bot could make random choices so the students had to calculate the chances of it going in a particular direction – It was both challenging and most interesting.

Yes I Can !

Today  – Tuesday -23rd August  – Gerard  – shared  his STORY with us his experiences living with a disability.                                                                He was born with  Spina -Bifida and has learned not only to overcome this and shine throughout his entire 21 years.                                HE HAS LEARNT TO SAY “YES I CAN!!!!”


He hopes to participate in the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo. His story was inspirational.

Student Thoughts 

Elva – I thought that it was interesting that you can do lots and lots of things.

Sam – I thought it was really good that he could share his knowledge and experiences.



Today a few members of our class started using CS-First to help us learn more about coding using Scratch.  CS-First has videos and ideas to help us learn.

Because the Olympics are on in Rio at the moment, we chose the Sports Theme and created Victory dances.  That means we programmed our sprites to spin and jump up and down.

IMG_2013 (1)


Shining Bright

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