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Global Environment

Over the  last few weeks we have been looking a Global Environmental Issues.

These were the Top 10 our class came up with.

  1. Global  Warming
  2. Coral Bleaching
  3. Land – Rubbish Pollution
  4. Water Pollution
  5. Animal Species Extinction
  6. Deforestation
  7. Over – farming
  8. Over population
  9. Air pollution – cars, and planes 
  10. Plant species endangered

Pope Francis has recently spoken  about our responsibilities toward s our planet reminding us about our role  as:

 Stewards Of  All Creation 



Over the last term and again in this one our students have had the opportunity to work coding or programming Ozo-bots to follow a course and travel in set directions. Not only has it been challenging but also great fun.

Recently we had Mandy  – from A.C.U – in our class to assist the children program their Bee – Bots. They were to travel in a set course with a pin attached to the front of their black and yellow robots in order to burst a balloon which they had taped to a piece of paper.






And yes we had a few balloons pop-off!

It was a real collaborative effort and one which was enjoyed and valued by all.

We also placed the bee – bots on courses where the bot could make random choices so the students had to calculate the chances of it going in a particular direction – It was both challenging and most interesting.