Literacy – Who Sank The Boat?

This week our during our Literacy Block we examined  the concept of things which either sink or float.  This followed from Reading Pamela Allen’s  wonderful story “Who sank the boat?”  It focused around around five animals of various shapes and sizes cramming into a boat which eventually sunk.

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As a follow up from this story we decided to test a range of objects within the classroom by placing them in a tub half filled with water and predicting if they would sink or float – here are our findings:

Water bottle There were were a range of predictions but it seemed most thought it would sink  because it was big and heavy and so it did when placed vertically over tub.

When placed horizontally  – it floated!!    Amazing!

Why? –  One thought was ‘It may be full of air- another” It might be lighter lying it long ways –

Scissors – All predicted they would sink and yes they did, like a stone and all agreed it was because they had metal in them.

Pencil 50/50 either way – We found the pencils floated easily.

Ruler All thought it would float and it did. Why? because it was long and made of wood and wood floats.








Our next stage will be to examine packaging that ends up as rubbish on our streets and into our waterways and what that means for our environment.

Great fun and learning.