What did we think and learn from ‘Hands On Science?” Incursion

I thought it was fun and we got to experiment with lots of things – Miller

One thing I learnt was how things could  float and move! Connor

I learnt how the pressure of air could make things rise – like a straw in a bottleMykaela

It was fun, exciting and great and we got to do so many things Roy

We made plasticine into a boat and tried to make it float – and it floated for about  20 seconds – before it filled up with water and sank – Joshua

If you put a straw on top of another straw and tape the end and then you blow – the tape at the end will pop off! – Sam

We had a sand bottle used some pencils to move the bottle across the table – Harrison

We had bottle  and put some  vinegar and some a pill that made the water bubble{Bi-Carb Soda} and it made the top pop off!! George