Amazing ‘ Hands On Science’

Greetings once again as we look back over some recent happenings here in the Juniors.

Last week Alex from ‘Hands On Science’  came to our school to show the students ‘ How things Work’  in the world of Science.

She took us through the elements of  Land, Air and Water and how things can move in, around , over, on and under them.

We looked at how things float – how things can rise and fall in water – how things can be moved across land using the forces of push and pull as well as  how things can fly using the force of pressure – An amazing day with lot’s of fun and learning.


3 thoughts on “Amazing ‘ Hands On Science’”

  1. Thanks for this. It is great to see what the kids are doing. It makes for better discussions at home. If i ask what they are doing at school i get “nothing really” from Harrison.

  2. hi, looks like a very fun day and you have learnt so much I learnt a lot from you and would love to hear more from your class!
    from sophie

  3. Hi Junior C,
    It’s Ryan from Middle S, I really like the blog post and I really liked the hands on science . I want to ask do you know any stories in the past.

    From Ryan

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