Literacy – Who Sank The Boat?

This week our during our Literacy Block we examined  the concept of things which either sink or float.  This followed from Reading Pamela Allen’s  wonderful story “Who sank the boat?”  It focused around around five animals of various shapes and sizes cramming into a boat which eventually sunk.

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As a follow up from this story we decided to test a range of objects within the classroom by placing them in a tub half filled with water and predicting if they would sink or float – here are our findings:

Water bottle There were were a range of predictions but it seemed most thought it would sink  because it was big and heavy and so it did when placed vertically over tub.

When placed horizontally  – it floated!!    Amazing!

Why? –  One thought was ‘It may be full of air- another” It might be lighter lying it long ways –

Scissors – All predicted they would sink and yes they did, like a stone and all agreed it was because they had metal in them.

Pencil 50/50 either way – We found the pencils floated easily.

Ruler All thought it would float and it did. Why? because it was long and made of wood and wood floats.








Our next stage will be to examine packaging that ends up as rubbish on our streets and into our waterways and what that means for our environment.

Great fun and learning.

What did we think and learn from ‘Hands On Science?” Incursion

I thought it was fun and we got to experiment with lots of things – Miller

One thing I learnt was how things could  float and move! Connor

I learnt how the pressure of air could make things rise – like a straw in a bottleMykaela

It was fun, exciting and great and we got to do so many things Roy

We made plasticine into a boat and tried to make it float – and it floated for about  20 seconds – before it filled up with water and sank – Joshua

If you put a straw on top of another straw and tape the end and then you blow – the tape at the end will pop off! – Sam

We had a sand bottle used some pencils to move the bottle across the table – Harrison

We had bottle  and put some  vinegar and some a pill that made the water bubble{Bi-Carb Soda} and it made the top pop off!! George

Amazing ‘ Hands On Science’

Greetings once again as we look back over some recent happenings here in the Juniors.

Last week Alex from ‘Hands On Science’  came to our school to show the students ‘ How things Work’  in the world of Science.

She took us through the elements of  Land, Air and Water and how things can move in, around , over, on and under them.

We looked at how things float – how things can rise and fall in water – how things can be moved across land using the forces of push and pull as well as  how things can fly using the force of pressure – An amazing day with lot’s of fun and learning.