Yes I Can !

Today  – Tuesday -23rd August  – Gerard  – shared  his STORY with us his experiences living with a disability.                                                                He was born with  Spina -Bifida and has learned not only to overcome this and shine throughout his entire 21 years.                                HE HAS LEARNT TO SAY “YES I CAN!!!!”


He hopes to participate in the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo. His story was inspirational.

Student Thoughts 

Elva – I thought that it was interesting that you can do lots and lots of things.

Sam – I thought it was really good that he could share his knowledge and experiences.



Today a few members of our class started using CS-First to help us learn more about coding using Scratch.  CS-First has videos and ideas to help us learn.

Because the Olympics are on in Rio at the moment, we chose the Sports Theme and created Victory dances.  That means we programmed our sprites to spin and jump up and down.

IMG_2013 (1)


Our Big Day Out -Melbourne Museum

Last Friday our students spend their day at the Melbourne Museum as a part of our Inquiry into our  First People and  First Fleet arrivals.

Here are some thoughts and discoveries from our students.

Mia – ‘ I learned that today in Australia there are 240 languages spoken by Aborigines.’

Alyssa – ‘ I learned that the aboriginals who lived in Melbourne got a possum skin for each year of their life.’

Elva – I though it was an amazing trip and I discovered that ….

Mr. Crowe –  ‘ I found out that over 60,000 years this land we call Australia sustained the lives of around 1.5 billion people.’ 

Olivia – ‘I discovered that the aboriginals found and wore possum skins and they also wondered why the White people came to their country.’



Today our class had some special time examining and coding ozobots. As we strive to explore the digital world of coding and programming.

What we found:

  • We discovered that if you ask it a question using a dot card it will give you an answer – Sienna,  Larissa Jennifer and Stephanie.
  • We discovered if you follow one of the codes – what it says on the bottom that thing will work – like backwards – tornado – u-spin and so on – Elva
  • Our team did a U-turn – in a square!
  • Table four discovered that the light on the top of the ozobot glows the same as the texta!  Liam – Hamish.R – Matthew