The students were asked to write a short story around a photo of a man sitting on a bench alongside a statue. The students were asked to write along the lines that that statue came to life and the focus of their work was to be around quotation marks. Here are some examples.

Eli                                                                                                                                                    One day I decided to go to the cafe. I sat on a chair and read my book until  I had the strangest feeling that someone was watching me. I turned and saw a bronze statue just sitting next to me.

A thought just popped up in my head.  The thought said ,“When you first sat down that statue was not there”.

“Hello”, said a strange voice.

It took a while for me to realise that the STATUE HAD SAID HELLO!

I took ten steps back. And ran. I will never know what happened on that strange scary mysterious day.


Chantelle         The Incredible Man                                                                                                                    When I was going to my aunt’s house I saw this chair with a bronze statue. He was as big as a pole and he didn’t move at all. I sat next to him and was scared that he might say something mean. He turned his head and screamed into my shocked face “ Boo!”

I screamed and ran away as he was laughing.The next day I saw him again and I said “W-who are you?”

“My name is James and I am sorry for all the harm I may have done. It’s just I have just never had someone next to me before.’



The Man On The Bench

I  was sitting on a bench waiting for a hot chocolate to go with my chocolate cake when  suddenly I noticed a bronze man sitting  next to me!! When I looked down I discovered that my cake had disappeared!!

“You took my cake,” I said.”Give that back. It is mine!” I said

“S…..s……sorry “nervously said the bronze man”

But I am so hungry!”



The Jim Jam Man

One day I sat down on a bench and felt a tap on my shoulder.                 I asked “Who was that?”

The statue next to me said “It was me! – Donald!”

I said “I am going to get a jam doughnut”

Soon I came back and put it on the bench. I looked away for a second and when I turned back my jimmy jam was gone!! I looked at Donald and saw some jam on his lips.

I was so angry that I slapped him across his mouth, broke my hand and ended up in hospital.



Once a man sat on a bench outside of a cafe next to a bronze statue.

The man heard a voice say, “Hello!”

“What?” the man said.

“It was me” said the statue.

“Who was that?” the man said.

The man looked over. He got a fright to see the statue’s mouth open while someone was talking.  No one was around!

“It can’t be” he whispered to himself.

The statue heard him. “Don’t be scared” said the statue.

“What is your name?” the statue said.

“D…Denis” said the man “What is yours?”

“I don’t have one,” said the statue.


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