Welcome Back – Updates


Once we say hello and welcome back to all -especially to  the students after a well earned rest. I hope you all  had a wonderful Easter Break with your families and are raring to go in Term 2.

Here are some updates of news and events over the last week or so.

Chicken and Chips                                                                                                              

 Last Friday our students had a chicken and chips lunch as a result of  attaining their full ladder of rungs for hard work and good behavior  in class – It was finger – licking good –

Science Day  

Wednesday 13th April  States Of Matter                                                           Chris Palframan from Monash University came out and spent time with the class conducting a range  of experiments involving states of matter. W e observed how oxygen{air} is a gas and can be held in a plastic bag.

We observed how ice placed in a steel tin and then having salt added to it lowers the temperature for freezing on the outside of the tin. We saw ice crystals form on the exterior.

More news to follow  on other activities as well as student comments and thoughts.

Looking forward to seeing you all over the course  of this term.



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