Busy Week – Masters of Art -Gallipoli

The Middles have been studying the works of acclaimed Australian painter Sidney Nolan and in particular his ‘Gallipoli ‘series.

In tribute to those who went before us here is our classes’ response those brave men and women who fought in the great Wars and gave their lives for country.


Oooooblek! States Of Matter

So what do you get when you mix cornflour and water?

Well we gave it a red hot go and here is what we discovered.

IMG_0210 IMG_0215

Who said science isn't fun?
Who said science isn’t fun?








If you mix flour with cornflour you get a goo which we call an ooblek.

It rolls into a solid ball then goes back to liquid if you squeeze it flat.

It is also very messy!

IMG_0214 IMG_0235 IMG_0219

Welcome Back – Updates


Once we say hello and welcome back to all -especially to  the students after a well earned rest. I hope you all  had a wonderful Easter Break with your families and are raring to go in Term 2.

Here are some updates of news and events over the last week or so.

Chicken and Chips                                                                                                              

 Last Friday our students had a chicken and chips lunch as a result of  attaining their full ladder of rungs for hard work and good behavior  in class – It was finger – licking good –

Science Day  

Wednesday 13th April  States Of Matter                                                           Chris Palframan from Monash University came out and spent time with the class conducting a range  of experiments involving states of matter. W e observed how oxygen{air} is a gas and can be held in a plastic bag.

We observed how ice placed in a steel tin and then having salt added to it lowers the temperature for freezing on the outside of the tin. We saw ice crystals form on the exterior.

More news to follow  on other activities as well as student comments and thoughts.

Looking forward to seeing you all over the course  of this term.



Let’s get coding

Today we learnt about a tool that allows us to make a computer do the things we want it to.  Instead of just using a computer, we are learning to make our own games and content.

We started with a simple program called Scratch Jr.  (thankfully there is a Chrome Store App for this and we can use it on our Chromebooks)

Here are some of the things we learned :

I learnt how to make my cat small then big – Emma
I learnt how to change a background – Jordi
I learnt how to program my cat – Tom
I learnt how to change my sprite – Sophia
I learned how to turn to the right and left – Ebony
I learnt how to change my background – Ava
I learnt how to add characters – Niamh
I learnt how to program a different way to what I knew – James
I learned to change my person and make voices – Rose
I learned how to make sounds – Lucas
I learnt how to make a cat invisible and visible. – Sienna
I learnt to change my cats direction – Siena
I learnt how to get big then small – Elva
I learned that you can make a play out of Scratch – Chantelle
I learned how to change animals and make plays – Matthew
I learned how make a voice – Jennifer
On Scratch Jr I learnt to change the background and add new characters I also learnt to change the colour of my cat – Raphael 
I learned how to change my person’s colour – Sam
I learnt that you can make your sprite talk – Caitlin
I learnt how to make it flip, small and big – Annie 
I learned to change characters – Hannah
I learnt how to change the colour of the person – Zach
I learnt that you can make the cat move over and over again – Hannah 
I learnt how to make him talk and how to turn him into a lizard – Ava
 I learnt how to make 2 different pages on 1 project – Sophia
I learnt how too use Scratch – Frances
I learnt how to change characters and delete them. – Declan
I learned to shrink and grow – Mia
On the first video I learnt how to make a car move. On the second video I learnt how to make animals race . – Frances
I learnt how to make a race! – Patrick
I learnt sounds speed and race’s and everything – Emma 
It was great I could make a dog shoot a Basketball into a basketball hoop with only using three buttons – Lucas

We also used Google Classroom to shared our resources (our toolbox), our learning and our questions.

It was really exciting to see what we achieved in just one hour.  Watch out for more sharing about this fun new adventure.

Why code?