Once again another fun investigation into  a maths  dimension. This time we are looking at TANGRAMS and how we can use regular shapes to  make animals images. Most students elected to do theirs in their Chrome Books and what an amazing job they did.

Student thoughts/learning.

Chantelle – It was awesome and you got to make pictures using shapes.

Olivia – I loved it  because it was fun making animals using shapes – Mine was a dog.

Elva – Well I thought it was fun making tangrams and you can make any shape you want.

Nick – I learnt how to make a tangram dog – it was easy on the chrome book.

James – I found it hard but in the end – using my chrome book – I just got it.

Siena – I learnt that you can use  shapes to make other shapes.

We used regular shapes – shapes which have straight or curved lines and often are parallel to each other such as triangles, square, circle and rectangle.

Riley – I thought that making animals using a tangram on a  chrome book   was easy.

Liam – Every single shape I had to rotate to make my animal.



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