Looking Back over Term 1

It is once again hard to believe that Term 1 has come and gone! Amazing ! 


All that I can say has in any many ways been captured in this Class Blog.  We have had a fantastically busy and challenging term  and here  some moments as we reflect on what a term it has been!


S.R.C Reps  were chosen and here they are! Once again – congratulations to Matthew and JamesIMG_9981


DSC_0032Twilight Sports – always a highlight and much enjoyed by all at Bill Sewart on Feb 29th.


Parent Teacher Meetings – Mid Feb – a great chance to catch up and share with parents our pre – school testing, discuss  student needs and exchange information.

Father Dishan Visitations – Always nice to have father pop in and speak to the students about school and our Catholic Faith. We have had two visits this term and the students always are attentive as he chats and exchanges insights as well as answers their questions.

IMG_9976Shrove Tuesday – Was a hoot with pancakes in the classroom  as we began our Lenten journey.  As you can see – they were yummy!


Collaborative Groups – Just the one so far but nice to bring our groups together and begin our collaborative journey in 2016

Student Blog Posts – Our students – both Grade 4 and 3 have begun their personal blog posts – with mentoring from some of our Senior Students in Gr 6 – we have got this underway – so have a look and share with your child.

Taskworks  – Habits of Mind – Working Together                                   This day out took place mid term and was an important part of building the students understandings on how our thinking affects our ability to work and cooperate with others – It was a great day and the children were once again excellent in their behavior and the way they participated in all the activities.










Overall – It was an amazing term.

To all – have a happy and safe Easter.Image


Today we continued and finalised,  in most cases, our portrait art.

It has been a fairly involved process of sketching, photocopying, cutting, laying out and painting our multi-copied portraits. The students did a great job overall. Here are some moments during our session.

IMG_0207[1] IMG_0124[1] IMG_0127[1] IMG_0128[1] IMG_0129[1] IMG_0132[1]












Big Day Out -Taskworks

What a wonderful day was had by one and all as we explored ‘ Habits Of Mind’ and  Positive Thinking’ on our big day participating in activities at  Taskworks at Mulgrave.

We learned about the importance of persistence and listening with understanding as well as managing impulsivity. Here are some special moments.


IMG_0143[1] IMG_0140[1]IMG_0196[1]IMG_0136[1]


Once again another fun investigation into  a maths  dimension. This time we are looking at TANGRAMS and how we can use regular shapes to  make animals images. Most students elected to do theirs in their Chrome Books and what an amazing job they did.

Student thoughts/learning.

Chantelle – It was awesome and you got to make pictures using shapes.

Olivia – I loved it  because it was fun making animals using shapes – Mine was a dog.

Elva – Well I thought it was fun making tangrams and you can make any shape you want.

Nick – I learnt how to make a tangram dog – it was easy on the chrome book.

James – I found it hard but in the end – using my chrome book – I just got it.

Siena – I learnt that you can use  shapes to make other shapes.

We used regular shapes – shapes which have straight or curved lines and often are parallel to each other such as triangles, square, circle and rectangle.

Riley – I thought that making animals using a tangram on a  chrome book   was easy.

Liam – Every single shape I had to rotate to make my animal.