IMG_0026[1] IMG_0025[1] IMG_0028[1] IMG_0033[1] IMG_0030[1] IMG_0040[1] IMG_0038[1] IMG_0057[1] IMG_0041[1]Wow – How cool is Maths! Today we were examining informal measurement and how we can use a range of units to measure things.

We used cubits – hand-spans, – steps – body-lengths and arm spans to measure a range of  objects.

The Learning Intention was to use Habits of Mind to help us perform these measuring tasks such a s Persistence and Applying knowledge.


Student thoughts:

Ebony –I learned that body parts can also measure.

Nick – I learned that the 24 people cover 3/4 of the oval –  We used doubled armed hand spans  called the albatross!

Olivia – I learnt that my tree was 17 handspans.

James – I learned that it took 185 steps around the track and it was quite interesting.

Mia – different people have different amounts.




  1. Hi Middle C,

    I loved reading about your measurement class using informal units of measurement. What was the key learning that came out of this? Are cubits handy for measuring?

    Mrs Y

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