Habits of Mind

Yesterday the Middles participated in a range of activities designed to   examine Habits Of Mind. which include:

  • persisting
  • managing  impulsivity
  • listening with understanding  and empathy
  •  applying past knowledge to new situations

There were 6 activities set up in the Discovery Center  which required using these skills. 

Activities included Collage – Construction – Music and Dance – 

Computer skills – Maths Games and Word Puzzles

Here are some photos from this first session {there will be 2}}



IMG_0026[1] IMG_0025[1] IMG_0028[1] IMG_0033[1] IMG_0030[1] IMG_0040[1] IMG_0038[1] IMG_0057[1] IMG_0041[1]Wow – How cool is Maths! Today we were examining informal measurement and how we can use a range of units to measure things.

We used cubits – hand-spans, – steps – body-lengths and arm spans to measure a range of  objects.

The Learning Intention was to use Habits of Mind to help us perform these measuring tasks such a s Persistence and Applying knowledge.


Student thoughts:

Ebony –I learned that body parts can also measure.

Nick – I learned that the 24 people cover 3/4 of the oval –  We used doubled armed hand spans  called the albatross!

Olivia – I learnt that my tree was 17 handspans.

James – I learned that it took 185 steps around the track and it was quite interesting.

Mia – different people have different amounts.



Parent Teacher Reflections

Parent Teacher Interviews took place this week and thank you to all who attended. It was a big evening and one which gave us the opportunity to exchange and share important information.

This included results from our Pre – Assessments from late January as well as social and emotional updates.

This was a vital time for all of us as it gave us the opportunity for some one on one testing as well as the opportunity to for the children to meet their new teacher.



Wow – how fast does time fly ? It seems like only yesterday we were saying goodbye to 2015 and getting ready for the long break.

Hopefully you all had a wonderful time with your families and are all fired up for the new year.Mallacoota View

Lot’s of things ahead such as our Parent Information night in a few weeks as well as our Twilight sports.

This week sees the commencement of Lent.

We will celebrate this ‘Shrove Tuesday’ with the traditional baking of pancakes -so we look forward to that before we take in Ash Wednesday IMG_7956with a whole school mass at 9:00pm.

So looking forward to catching up with you all soon – have a great year.