Over the last few weeks our class has been researching  a range of global  environmental issues and have begun presenting their findings and actions.images

Topics have included Destruction of Habitat – Pollution – Global Warming and Poaching.

Some amazing presentations from our students also included a number of actions such as making posters for wildlife, raising money to support the Melbourne Zoo and collecting blankets for animals in shelters. 

We have also looked at simple ways to save energy both at home anddownload (1) school.

The children wanted to take actions that promoted biodiversity in our world as well as  sustainable living practices.

It was very heart warming and moving to realise how conscious our students are of the need to take action so in some way they can help make our world a better place for all.

They particularly want to save animals and plants from becoming extinct such as our little friend below – the Eastern Barred Bandicootdownload


Eastern Barred Bandicoot



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