Our Big Day Out at Ceres

Wow -What an amazing day out at Ceres Environmental Farm last Friday.

We spent our day looking at ways we can live sustainably – from the cars we drive – the houses we build and the waste we dispose of.

We began with looking at waste or rubbish and how long it takes to break down. We had a look at Energy Efficient Housing and cars that run on battery and solar energy. We investigate organic gardening and how we can grow fruit and vegetables without using man  made chemicals.

We finally had a look at alternate energy sources including windmills, solar cells, batteries and solar dish.






Student Thoughts.

Matthew  -‘  I liked the different activities and how they showed ways to be sustainable especially with the last activity where we made made our own by winding battery powered radios.’

Molly – I thought it was amazing. I learnt lot’s of new things that worm pee is very valuable and that it was like being in garden club. I loved it.