Jewish Museum -Synagogue Outing Tuesday 21st July

Last week our students had the pleasure of visiting The Jewish Museum and neighboring Synagogue in Alma Road St.Kilda. The intention was to make connections with the Jewish Tradition of Passover and consider how this sacred meal is also a part of our Catholic Tradition. It was an amazing day and one that was of significance to the children’s insights and learning.

Here are some snaps from this day – We will post some of the children’s reflections this week.

Who is this fella?

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7 thoughts on “Jewish Museum -Synagogue Outing Tuesday 21st July”

  1. Hi Mr Crowe and Middle C,
    Our excursion to the Jewish Museum was really fun! I really enjoyed looking through the Galleries. I saw lots of interesting things like a paper scroll, a top hat, big suitcase, badges from the war and gold bowls. We also went to the Synagogue and there we saw some special candles and windows with pictures that told a story. My favorite part was learning about Jewish history and looking through the Galleries at the Museum.
    Great photos Mr Crowe!
    My question to everyone else is: what did you enjoy most about our excursion?
    Bye from
    Nick. V

  2. It was really fun! I learnt a lot of things like you never have milk with meat if you are Jewish.
    What are some of the differences between a synagogue and a church?

  3. I really enjoyed the opportunity to go on this excursion with you Middle C, thanks for letting me come along! I did not know that Jewish people did not have statues and I didn’t know why men have to wear kippaahs. I wonder why women don’t have to wear something on their heads too??

  4. Thanks Genevieve – Yes It was fascinating – Thanks for your comments – I would love to go back.

  5. Hi Middle C,
    We learnt a lot about Judaism. We found out the meaning of some of the foods, and how the people got away from the pharaoh. Some of the foods and meanings I remember are: grated apple and nuts in celery, flat bread stands for the manna they ate in the desert, and the parsley and salt water stands for the bitterness of the life the ancestors had.
    From Jade & Bobbie

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