Healthy Lunch – Yum Yum

  As a part of our Persuasive Writing  practice, we spent time making some healthy sandwiches. A great opportunity to create something which can then be made into a poster promoting healthy eating. Have a look at a day – and a big thanks to Mrs Yeates who was assiIMG_8032stiIMG_8050ng all of us in making some delicious sandwiches.IMG_8027 IMG_8029 IMG_8031 IMG_8033 IMG_8036 IMG_8035 IMG_8047 IMG_8048 IMG_8040  IMG_8042 IMG_8044 IMG_8057 IMG_8060

3 thoughts on “Healthy Lunch – Yum Yum”

  1. Hi Mr Crow and middle c. Looks like you had a great day. It looks super delicious. Hope you all had a great day,

  2. Those sandwiches look yummy can I have one? They look healthy!! What was your choice of toppings? From tina.

  3. Hmm Tina – Let me see – We had a choice of cheese – tomato – beetroot – mayonnaise – ham – salad – and other yummy things that I am scratching my head to remember!

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