Greetings  -once again – after a very big week  – This week we had ‘National Clean Up Schools Day’ and on Friday the whole school was out cleaning and beautifying our school

So much so that some adventurous  children cleaned out the old ‘Frog Bog” and are redesigning it into a much cleaner and prettier pond – with it’s own sandy beach!

7 thoughts on “WEEK 5 WOW WHAT A WEEK!”

  1. Hi Mr Crow what made you came up with the idea of frog bog and where did you get it from and when you where a kid did you here about it From Natalia Leo

  2. Some children were cleaning out the frog bog last week -so I thought of some frogs that would like this – so here they are Natalia.

  3. SUCH a cute frog!! I am going to go looking to say hello to it on Friday morning when we do marathon club! Mrs Molly

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