Greetings  -once again – after a very big week  – This week we had ‘National Clean Up Schools Day’ and on Friday the whole school was out cleaning and beautifying our school

So much so that some adventurous  children cleaned out the old ‘Frog Bog” and are redesigning it into a much cleaner and prettier pond – with it’s own sandy beach!

Number line Time

After working out the total cost of items selected from the Yummy Tummy Restaurant – the students lined their answers in order.IMG_7952 Click onto the photo and check if they got in right. Are they in order of largest to smallest as you look left to right?

Spelling Homework List Week Five

Students to write their words out twice correctly in their Homework Book – in  preparation for review on Friday  -as well as select one activity from their spelling grid – which is pasted in the back of their H.W Book

Words ending in ch, sh, x, s and z, become plural by adding es.  porches arches wishes crashes buzzes quizzes taxes foxes expresses bosses

SPELLING GR 4   To spell words with the common endings- ial and ough
partial official racial  artificial social although through cough enough bough

SPELLING GR 3&4 Extension
wrenches trenches gnashes squashes waltzes fizzes   coaxes hoaxes compasses cypresses

Pancake Tuesday – Making Pancakes

Last week we entered into the season of Lent. So on Tuesday we got busy making pancakes as we prepare for the onset of Lent.Thanks to our Class Mum Maureen for her wonderful help.





This season began on Ash Wednesday when the whole school attended mass and received the ashes from Father Tony. We examined what actions we might take  in order to support each other and in particular our families. Some of these good deeds will be shared soon.

Maths – 909 Club

This week we were busy little bees investigating  place value concepts . Here we worked with the number 909 – So what is the 9 worth?? Hmm – Thankfully we were able to work out  that where you place the digits affects their value  –  How about that!