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Greetings to all:

The Hour of Code is an international activity aimed at involving K-12 students in the understanding and creation of computer code.  Initiated by Hadi Partovi…, the Hour of Code attracted approximately  in 2013, the majority of whom were from the US.  This year the message has spread further with the goal to attract 100 million participants worldwide.

This week our class will be participating. They will be required to program a sequence of events involving animated characters – a cat and a dog – in order to construct a story. For each successful action they will receive a section of a wall which can only be constructed by completing the story.   Should be fun and most interesting.


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  1. Hi! I think that Hour of code is a really fun way to learn about programing while having fun and I think its great to know that so many people actully get out there and do it

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