Sad to hear over the holidays that Lauren’s dog Monty passed away. He came out last term to visit us and was a real hit with the class so we pass on our thoughts and best wishes to Lauren and her family.IMG_3247

7 thoughts on “GOODBYE MONTY”

  1. Hi,
    That is so sad to hear Lauren.
    Monty sounded like such a lovely dog. You must of loved Monty lots, but Monty loved you 100% more!!!
    Wishes to your family!

    From Maddy 5/6 😉

  2. Dear Lauren and Middle C,

    When I heard about Lauren’s dog Monty died, a feeling of sadness washed over me (because of some of you know: I love dogs and all animals: my cat passed away earlier that week), I hope Lauren that you will remember Monty as your companion, your dog, your friend and how you Monty were together over the years. I hope you feel happier and cheerier soon.

    From Madi (Madison)

  3. Hi Lauren
    I am sorry that Monty had to get put down my dog Jasper got put down and I was sad but you will get better
    your friend Alex

  4. Thank you all for your lovely thoughts and comments. Monty was not only a dog but very much part of our family. He loved his visit to the school and I’m glad you all got to meet him. Thanks from Chris

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