Amazing Day Out – Melbourne Museum

Greetings to all as we recount our amazing outing the Melbourne Museum. Our Inquiry this term is investigating European contact with our Indigenous people, flora and fauna. We are specifically focusing upon the period from 1788 to the early1800’s and the impact this interaction had.  Go into this link and you will see what our students discovered. We are keen to hear from you.

Melbourne Museum

10am 3

10am 2

10am 1















2 thoughts on “Amazing Day Out – Melbourne Museum”

  1. Great work Middle C,
    I wonder, can you tell me if you think that making the movies helped you learn better? if so ?

    Mrs C

  2. Wow, you guys certainly did capture some amazing learning at the Museum! It was like going there all over again! Thank you for letting me come along to share your experience
    Mrs Will H

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