Science Expo Student Thoughts

Thanks Will. B  for surveying the class for their thoughts about the expo – well done.


One day when we were at school we did a experiment day(It was the Friday we did cross country training ).

Our focus was Science. My experiment was the Celery with Oliver. I like the Volcano that Jack did but Lachie didn’t turn up.

It was a good day I certainly liked it and some experiments worked and some experiments didn’t.

This is what some people thought about the day.


Angus  “I liked it because I liked it”.


Jack ‘It was great- I loved it”.


Dylan “I thought it was great and people had good experiments”.


Will H  “I thought it was really really really great”.


Oliver “I thought it was really gooooood”.


Zach “I thought it was good but some were boring”.


Will P ”It was Ok”.


Mr Crowe “I loved science day because what I saw was amazing”.Comic characters: Professor


James “I thought it was good”.


Lachlan  ” thought it was great”.


Caoimhe “It was really fun and interesting”.


Daisy “I liked it”.


Natalie ” thought it was fun seeing new things”.


Lauren”I thought it was good”.


Jessica “Great”.


Alex ” thought it was clever showing ideas”


Vivienne “Good”.


Keira “I thought it was good”.


Kitty “It was cool and fun”.


Ava “Fabulous and Interesting”.




2 thoughts on “Science Expo Student Thoughts”

  1. Im glad you all had a good time, doing your experimint. It sounds like you were having a good time. What was your favorote part?

  2. Goodness Middle C!! You have been very busy this term, learning lots about science and staying active with the cross country. Well done on all your hard work and keep up the good effort!! Mrs H & posey!!

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