Community Action Projects – Parent Note

untitledGreetings to all – just a short note to let you know that  your child has chosen to investigate some way to become involved in  a community action.


We are investigating the key question centred around  –

“How does belonging to a community contributes to our well – being ? ” 

Hopefully by the end of this process we may have some interesting responses.

Some students have chosen to support the R.S.P.C.A  – others  the Royal Melbourne  Zoo to name two examples.  Some children have considered the Avenue Community Centre whilst others – Indra Pre School and so on.

W e have discuseed possible actions such as providing – blankets – toys – books – fundraising – visitations – playing ganes and reading books etc – but I woiuld be keen for parents to be aware {note has already gone home} and possibly have some input in some way with this action 

eg – Go on websites – maybe arrange a  visit – support developing a  plan .

A lot of discussion and pre plannning has already taken place so we look forward to seeing what actions  occur over the next four weeks.

Thanks for your support in this –

Please note your child has chosen to either work in a team or individually – They will ne required to present a power point or project sheet on A5 Card as evidence of their planning and action.

The Due Date will be Friday May 9th .

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