Greetings to all – Here are some of ideas for Lent.

I give my Mum a massage every Tuesday over Lent – Alex

I help  cook the dinner once a week – Kitty 

I will try to eat more fruit – Mr.Crowe

I get Mum the food she needs to make the dinner – Ava

I help Mum wrap things in the lucky dip for Market Day – Natalie

I feed the animals – Will .P

I help my Mum with getting the face paint ready for Market Day – Daisy



It is good to look back to when we were little -Keira

I thought that they had way better stuff than we did – and I think we should get the paint – Zac






Indra is important because it is a place where little kids can:

Make friends – Lachie

Learn how to draw,paint and build – Will .B

learn how to read a little and write. – Alex