City Of Whitehorse – Caring for the community


Last Friday the Middle School Students had an outing to the Whitehorse City Council Offices in Nunawading. This term our students are investigating how community resources and people are assigned to a wide range of age groups in order to assist and advise in our general well- being and health.

Michelle Wright is the Community Health Officer for Whitehorse and has had an association with our school over the last few years and one which we hope we can build upon in the future.

During our brief stay we heard from a range of speakers involved in Child Care {Maternal Health} to those who look after the elderly – Old age care – Meals on Wheels and Nursing Homes.

We discovered that one of our Mums – Olivia’s from Grade 1 – works in the area of Elderly Health and together we will look at an action our students and perhaps even our school can take to assist in this area.