Very busy this week with students  – for their Inquiry action – preparing their models or proto-type inventions. Some students have made theirs at home – some at school and some half and half – either way it is all action and what is fascinating has been all the discussion and planning behind them.


This week we have been investigating Measurement using a range of tools.

The students were placed in groups and had to decide/collaborate around how they would perform these tasks using either a trundle wheel, metre ruler, M.A.B.long , handspan or even a  footstep. Here is a brief look and soon we will publish the student’s findings.

Interesting.                                                                                                                                              Some teams worked on each task together and others split into pairs or worked individually.  Overall a great activity – Stay tuned.

Student Commentore

Bridie: I thought it was really fun becuase you got to use different tools.

Cooper – I thought it was much better being in a team because if you got stuck you could ask someone for help.

Jenny – I though it was really good becuase we all worked well together.

Will- I thought it was good ideas to be in teams so we could all like work together  – with our own task – and not wait around.