Advent Preparations

Religion –ADVENT  – We are preparing for the coming of the Lord Jesus -We use the Advent Wreath as a reminder of the four weeks leading up to Christmas as we reflect on the events leading up to the birth of the infant -Jesus.

Our ADVENT Inquiry is through the Unit ” Emmanuel, God is With Us!”  Students will participate in daily Advent prayers.


Emmanuel, God Is With Us!


In this unit students enter into the seasons of Advent and Christmas. They reflect on ways they experience God in their own lives and see signs of God’s presence in their world during Advent.


In the last week we will examine the characters and events of Matthew’s Infancy Narrative; in particular the role of the Magi in recognising signs of God’s presence in their midst.


They consider the importance of the story of Jesus’ birth in the celebration of Christmas.


Students participate in daily Advent prayer and celebrate Advent and Christmas liturgies.