Greetings All – yesterday we had an accomplished illustrator – Ms Sue Genarro – come to our school and speak to our students abour  Book Illustrations and the process she uses to enhance stories.

It was fascinationg to hear and she had all the students have a go at using some of these techniques.






What a week it was with our Math’s Construction Task – Wow Wee – A lot of thought went into creating models of multi-storey buildings and ensuring they didn’t collapse.

Then the students had to take a photo before deconstructing the blocks and grouping them according to their familiies – ie Minis – longs – flats and blocks. Here are some examples.


You will see here how the girls and boys grouped their blocks – More thoughts to follow – What do you think ?



Our Communion Day

What a wonderful day last Sunday turned out to be – Our Grade 4 students had their big day -finally -After much discussion – Reflection and practice – our boys and girls receive the Sacrament of Eucharist.


They all looked wonderful in their outfits – the girls in their dresses and the boys in their trousers and shirts -and shiny shoes.

After Mass they had a wonderful breakfast in the Hall – A big thankyou to all the parents  helpers and children for such a wonderful day.


Our Amazing Brain

Today we had a visit from Laura – who is a clinical pyschologist -who spoke to the students about ways we can look after our mental health.She spoke about a range of things  including – diet and  nutrition – as well  the importance of keeping active  both physically and mentally.  The students got to ask questions about a range of things such as how the brain works and  what causes the brain to malfunction eg – stroke and  other physical injuries.  The girls and boys were fascinated and their thoughts will be included soon.


Who could they be?


A great day was had by one and all when the Middles went out to Task works a few weeks ago.

This learning Centre has a range of challenging and stimulating tasks requiring the students to work in teams.


The focus of this ecxursion was to highlight how we  can all benefit by working together and supporting each other. This type of sustained behaviour leads  – over time – to an improving and more positive sense of well being.


Here are some  student reflections.

PIERS – “It was really cooperative—-everyone worked together”

ZAC – It was really fun working as a team and I thought we really cooperated together which was really good”.

BRIDIE –‘ I thought it was really fun and everyone had a good time.’

MARIA – I think it was really good because we worked with someone we have never worked with”

ADOL  “At the start people thought this would be boring but at the end everyone thought it was great”


Working in pairs.