First Week Back


Greetings Folks – I hope you had a great break with your children and that all went well for you over this time. – Just  a short word to share some of the things we have done this week.


Recount of our Holidays – will share some of these in coming weeks


We have begun our Inquiry on  Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds.


Andrew Chinn came out to our school to perform some of his songs as well as put together a concert for our parents using some of his songs.  {Photos to come}


We have been revising our understanding of fractions – in particular equivalent fractions 1/4’s  1/2’s and 1/8’s


This week we investigated the story of the Good Samaritan and how we too can respond.


POSTER ART  – Ways we can stay physically and emotionally fit and healthy


StayTuned for Student thoughts and reflections – These will be added in the next post.

4 thoughts on “First Week Back”

  1. Hi Middle C,
    Sounds like you have had a busy start to the term. I am looking forward to hearing about your reflections and understanding around the Good Samaritan. Mr Yore worked with the staff at the start of the year about this parable and it really assisted my understanding.

    Absolutely love fractions so I can’t wait to hear about the learn around this topic. Equivalent fractions , proper and improper fraction- love them.

    Enjoy the term,
    Mrs Clark

  2. Hi middle c its james -_- sorry about that face. i like that you put what you did in first week back on all school blogs ive seen this is probebly the first one that said what work they did in thier first week and i like the picture of the good samariton GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!! one more face (: and again goodbye from james

  3. Hello everyone! This is Peter. I tink our blog has had a good start. I like the post “First week back”. I think the Good Samaritain is VERY important because it acts out how we should act when we see somone hurt. Have a nice day! 🙂

  4. That poster art was really awesome! I liked it alot because it described what the story would have looked like. It was fantastic.

    Ryan and Angelo

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