Hey Folks  – What a great day we had at task works!!! We had an amazing time and here are some of the activities we participated in.

There was the puzzle board – Romper Stump – Jigsaw board and Pedal Power Racing to name a few. Lot’s of fun and team work which supports our Inquiry into Well – Being and how important working in teams is.


So yes look out on our individual kids-blogs for more .


Soccer Round Robin Champions 2013

                                          Wow wee!! – What an amazing  day at the Eastern Lions Soccer    Ground today as our boys and girls made their way down to East Burwood Reserve to participate in the Syndal Districts Soccer Round Robin. Both Boys and Girls teams were outstanding and began with 2 consecutive victories. The boys drew their 3rd and won the 4th and the girls won their third only to be pipped by one kick in their 4th game.

The Boys went on to play in the Grand Final against Holy Family and in a stunning performance won 2- 0 to win the Championship – That’s 7 titles in 9 years -Amazing!

Congratulations to all – especially the our boys and girls for outstanding teamwork and sportsmanship.

A huge thanks to Fergal O’Farrel for his guidance and support as the boys coach – What a fantastic effort and to Emma Leo whose enthusiasm and support  as the girls coach – along with her able assistant Franka Leo was tremendous –

What a great performance by our coaches.

The girls were outstanding too – having gone further than any other St.Luke’s girls team   – Thankyou to Emma Leo – their coach – for her work and support.                                                             

To all the parents who came down to support along with our Principal Jackie Purcell – I say a big thankyou.

Finally congratulations to Tristian and Gemma who were both nominated in the Syndal Districts All  Stars Team.

First Week Back


Greetings Folks – I hope you had a great break with your children and that all went well for you over this time. – Just  a short word to share some of the things we have done this week.


Recount of our Holidays – will share some of these in coming weeks


We have begun our Inquiry on  Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds.


Andrew Chinn came out to our school to perform some of his songs as well as put together a concert for our parents using some of his songs.  {Photos to come}


We have been revising our understanding of fractions – in particular equivalent fractions 1/4’s  1/2’s and 1/8’s


This week we investigated the story of the Good Samaritan and how we too can respond.


POSTER ART  – Ways we can stay physically and emotionally fit and healthy


StayTuned for Student thoughts and reflections – These will be added in the next post.