Hey –  What a great day we had last week with our CROSS COUNTRY  Training Day out at Wurrundjeri Park.  Each child ran  3 or 4 laps around the track    with one lap being approximately 800 metres.   It was a tremendous pre-lude to the Inter School  Cross Country Day out at Jells Park – so a big thank you to all the Mums  who came down to assist and in particular Marika Davison for taking charge of the place getters.


Kids Comments  ” I thought it wqas really worthwhile ‘ Bridie

‘I though it was a good preparation for our Cross Country at Jells Park’ Will






  1. Wow that was really hard work running all that way around the feild. Imagen in grade 4 i’l have to sprint my heart out. Good work to the people who went to Cross Country.

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