We are looking at shapes and measurement – using a ruler to exactly measure their sides in centimetres and millimetres. We have commenced with a star

Hey can you draw a star like this – try it – we have been doing our own and measuring the sides as well as color coding each spike – Soon we will publish these.

See what you can do and post it up so we can compare


We had a go at the star below and found a number of interesting things. Before we publish see what you can find?  Did you know that this shape is one of the earliest images ever recorded by man. Guess which one is the earliest?


Stand by for our findings.

Twilight Sports

Hi all -What a big night we had last Monday at Bill Sewart .

It was our annual athletics carnival and boy was it hot!

Congratulations to Red Team who once again blitzed it for their third consecutive win. We hope you all had a great night – and look forward to doing it all again next year.