Student Thoughts Twilight

Here are some of our students thoughts about last Monday night’s Twilight Sports.

Natasha – ‘It was a very big battle between Red Green and Blue – It was exhausting and at the end of Twilight sports every one was exhausted. My favourite event was the 100metres – I tried my best.’

Natalia – ‘I enjoyed it – It was hot but it was fun. My favourite event was discus because I enjoy having to get things right to throw well.’

Ryan – My favourite event was the 200m – I thought I would come fourth or fifth but I came third and it was the same as my friend Zac who came a draw with me’

8 thoughts on “Student Thoughts Twilight”

  1. Hi Middle C,
    I am glad that you had a great night at the sports. Even in the heat you managed to display wonderful sportspersonship and achieve your best! Well done.
    Mrs David

  2. Hi Middle C,

    To all those who competed is the activities, it was great to see you all enjoyed it and had fun. – that is that main part. Either 1st or last, at least you had a go! That’s what we all like to see, as it can improve our skills and our interests can increase.

    Natasha- Yes, I do agree it was battle between Red, Green and Blue. It was very exhausting at the end, mainly at the end of each race! Glad that the 100m was your favourite event, it was one of my favourites to. It’s fantastic to hear that you tried your best – good job.

    Natalia- Good to hear you enjoyed it! It was hot, but yes, also very fun. Discus is one of my favourites to! I really enjoy that activity. How long did you throw? I’m sure you did good! I did 21m. – if you wanted to know mine.

    Ryan- Again, 200m was one of my favourites! But for me, it was extra hard than all the other years, as I was going to a trophy! Only one Yr 6 Boy and Girl could get it. But, I won which was one of my best moments of my years of ‘Twilight Sports’. Wow! You came 3rd? That’s really good!! Congratulations. Glad that you came in that place, since you deserve it.

    Overall, the night was a blast! Congratulations to everyone! – you all deserve a pat on the back.


  3. Great comments Simon – Very thoughtful and congratulations on a stellar performance – Mr Crowe

  4. Thanks Mrs David for taking the time for reading about our Sports Night comments – Hopefully you also saw our Maths post and our Creative Writing posts too

  5. Hi Middle C,
    we enjoyed reading your thoughts about sport night, we thought that sport night was great because our coulor is red and we won yay! We loved all the hard work that everyone put in for their team. What was your favortive part of the night Mrs Crowe?

    from Carmen and Maddy

  6. I loved the whole night girls but my favourite event was the Grade 6 Circular Relay – was a great event – though there were also other highlights like Chloe inning her leg of that event – fantastcic effort I thought – so there you go? What was yours ?

  7. hi middle I loved sports night. I won the 200 meter sprint and came second in circular realy I was catching green but I just lost at the finish line where did you place? Overall sports night was a brillant success. from riley.

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