Welcome all to  our wonderful new Blog for 2013 .

Our theme this year is “Come Fly With Me.”

Oue Symbol  is shown below.


It represents the idea of spreading our wings and soaring to great heights.

So all – welcome – It is with great pleasure and excitement that we venture

into the new year.

8 thoughts on “GREETINGS ALL”

  1. Hi Middle C
    I think your theme is a great one! Every year should begin with some aspiration or goal for achievement and improvement, and what a great time to spread your wings! I will look forward to reading your blog from time time to time and discovering what you are learning and your reflections on what this learning actually means to you!
    Have great time in Middles – sounds like there are exciting things planned!

  2. Great to hear from you Ms Egan – We hope you are enjoying your new job and that you dont miss us too much!! from the Middle C Flyers

  3. Hi Middle C Flyers
    I think that you have a great theme for 2013. Our theme is DARE TO DEARM IN 2013 I can’t wait to see your fantastic work in future.

    Please vist my blog for a 100 word story

    From James

  4. Hi Middle C
    I think the idea of the symbol was a really clever and I like your idea “Come fly with me”.
    Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see what other things you are doing and comment on your posts.
    Our classes theme is “Dare to dream in 2013”

    From Matthewg

  5. Hi middle C
    I really enjoy the theme for 2013. I am sure that your brilliant class will be able to make those heights easily! What made you come up with that theme? I cant wait to see all the great blog posts you put on!
    You can have a look at my blog.

    From Timothy

  6. Thanks Matthew – The idea came from my surname – “CROWE” My families coat of arms includes a blackbird – crow or raven – so with that in mind what you are looking at is in fact a flying crow.

    ‘Come fly ith me’ comes from a self titled song recorded by Frank Sinatra in the 1960’sand re- recorded by Michael Buble in the 2000’s – Look it up on the net and see what you think.

    best wishes Mr Crowe

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