The Final Chapter- Term 3 Puppet Shows

Today we presented our Puppet Plays to the Junior Classes. We had Ms Egan come in as well as the Junior Teachers. The students created puppets based upon our Inquiry Unit – Tell Me A Story – which looked at using puppets as one way of doing this.  Ours were based upon Aboriginal Dreamtime stories {see Dust Echoes web link} as well as fables fom other countries – such as the Twelve Dancing Princesses.

These are some of our images.

3 thoughts on “The Final Chapter- Term 3 Puppet Shows”

  1. Hi Middle C,

    I really enjoyed looking at the picture of your puppet shows, it certainly looks like you all put a lot of effort into creating your puppets.

    Fantastic Work.


  2. WOW great photo’s.
    I’m amazed of the great puppets you made
    the first one is mine.
    isn’t great


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