My bird in a Tree Poem,

Madeline on September 14, 2011 1:44 pm Edit This

My bird in a Tree Poem,
There once was a Pink Robin,
Who couldn’t stop ‘nodin’
When she sat in her tree,
Having scones and tea,
She would nearly fall off
Because she would cough
From all the ‘nodin.’
Then she went to the doctor and he said
Try singing Middle C.
So she sung it quickly!!!
From that day on
She would have tea and scones and not nod.
By Madeline

The Bird and The Hollow

The Bird in the Hollow
Once there was a bird called Hollow.
She was looking for the best place to nest in a hollow
For weeks she did look and look
Until she came to a babbling brook
At last she found the tree that was right
It had a hollow that was a little bit tight.
But she was so happy that she called it “Home ! sweet home!”

by Carmen


Braden’s Bird in a Tree

There was once a bird who sat in a tree
And he would sing all day – UNTIL A QUATER TO THREE
But he never found the right note
THAT IS UNTIL he found the note
He was so happy it was Senior C .

He lived happily ever after until he notice something ODD
The note it is wrong well half of it –
SO HE WENT away –
He searchED then found a kid from MIDDLE C
And he ask him what grade are you from .
“Um well Middle C of course!!!”
As soon as that happenED
His mouth openED and sang iTHE NOTE all day long
It wasn’t wrong –