Sharing our stories with Yianni and his "Huntsman"'My Clever Dog' by RaquelSharing our stories with RileyCarmen and her Pool StorySharing our stories Braden and The Crazy Taxi DriverTim and his "Korumburra" storyAnthony and friendsHave been creating our own memorable and true stories from ourlives – then shared them with the Juniors .


Here are some of those moments.

Riley -sharing her story -  Everyone is Stuck in the Tree

2 thoughts on “TELL ME A STORY”

  1. Hi all it’s Emma, Carmen’s mum I love all the pictures and the fantastic things you are all doing in Middle C. You all look lovely at your First Holy Communion, even the boys. Carmen tells me you all made books for the Juniors I hope they enjoyed it, it certainly looked it.
    See you and don’t give Mr Crowe a hard time.

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